Suddenly, Compositions are Easy. Weird.


Recent life drawing session at Syn Studio. Sketching on half-sheet (15×22″) with a pointed round and limited color.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned, in the past, I used to make collages by taking a stack of individual drawings and designing the page in photoshop.  (Here’s a little how-to on that process). Weirdly, in an example of the way the brain works, I’ve suddenly become able to simply sketch a collage right onto the page – and basically be satisfied with the ‘un-planned’ page design. Kind of neat how some skills just unlock by accident.

Those above were the long poses (10/20’s) here, below, are the fast ones. And one last one that didn’t fit on either page:



4 thoughts on “Suddenly, Compositions are Easy. Weird.

  1. These are gorgeous. I wish I could make you an offer on that last one that wasn’t an insult (and I wish I had a good place to hang it–not exactly work appropriate).

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