Wet-in-Wet Figures


A few weeks back I’d been sketching at the UQAM intensif. Maybe you remember me saying I felt those paintings were ‘over drawn’? Relying too much on the pencil line.

The other day I dropped into an afternoon session at the CCGV, and this time – left the damned pencil at home! It’s the only way to break myself of my drawing :)

Or, more honestly – to make myself draw with the brush, rather than the line.


This was a different model, and shorter poses – but just look at how interesting the washes are, (above) as compared to when you’re tinting a pencil drawing. (below).

B_Scan_Round Two026_A



I was also determined to work faster, and wetter. These two are the same pose. Instead of using all my time striving for perfection, I went back to the art school approach, and did multiple sketches, trying to get as many as possible in the available time.


The other advantage of working two (or three) at once – you can just keep moving. While the paint is wet on one – skip to the other. Here’s a pose and a re-take on the head. I was trying for a better likeness – but also a more interesting figure/ground.


So, that’s the way it goes with this strange pursuit of watercolor painting. Back and forth between direct brushwork and more precise drawings, continually looking for incremental improvement :)

5 thoughts on “Wet-in-Wet Figures

  1. Every time I see one of your posts I smile remembering the days we drew together. It’s amazing how life’s opportunities allow us to criss cross paths, while we traverse geography settling down in new places to work.

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