Dr Sketchy does Labyrinth


Dr. Sketchy Montreal did a homage to Brian Froud’s Labyrinth this afternoon. Our model Safa graciously channeled the Goblin King Jareth. I’m sure Bowie would have gone topless if it had been allowed in 1986.



These are experiments in drawing directly with an Extra Fine Lamy Safari, and a Kuretake Brush Pen. (Which I had seen in people kits, but not really recognized as superior until this review by fellow USK’er Kalina of Geminica.com). Both of these cartridge fed pens are water soluble (if you use the name brand refills). I had a couple of small vials of Alizarin and Cerulean stained water which I used to melt the black line. The addition of the Kuretake really adds to the effect. Previously I’ve done this with a Lamy Joy calligraphy pen – but it has a massive 1.9 mm nib, which makes the water-melting-line part very dangerous business indeed. I still love my old Pentel Pocket Brush for dark accents, but it’s water-proof, so it can’t be used in tandem with the Lamy in the way the Kuretake can. Tho’ the Pentel is half the cost. So – I’m not revoking my Pentel Pocket Brush recommendations, but you might want to pick up a Kuretake as well!

14 thoughts on “Dr Sketchy does Labyrinth

  1. I would give that a try *if* I could find a bottled ink that was water soluble! Tried versions from my local shop that claim they are – and yet, are not. I think to calligraphers and fountain pen ‘water soluble’ means ‘clean your pen with water’. This isn’t quite the same as ‘melt your lines with water’ :) Anyone got a good recommendation?

  2. Hi Marc –

    The Private Reserve inks are gorgeous for sketching, and I use several. However, I’ve been searching for a lightfast washable ink for over 15 years with no luck. Finally, I’ve discovered Winsor and Newton Calligraphy Inks ( not their Drawing Inks, which are fugitive). Their calligraphy inks are pigmented, lightfast and washable. They are water-based, not shellack or acrylic. I can’t find them here in Halifax, so order mine from Curry’s Art Supplies in Toronto.

    Thanks for posting such a generous blog. I’ve been a lurker for some time now, and am excitedly waiting for your book to arrive from Amazon

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