Digital Mark Making

Photo Sep 30, 12 29 44 AM

Photo Sep 01, 7 46 20 PM

Photo Oct 05, 12 09 16 AM

Pro Create offers a way that I can do the huge format black and white oil paintings of my imagination, while lying on the couch. That is probably a terrible thing. Being able to execute the drawing this way, is diffusing the motivation to learn how to do it IRL.

Photo Sep 30, 2 05 24 PM

But on the other hand, I am developing a visual language I’m excited about. It will be interesting to see how to get similar effects with physical materials. I need to figure out how to fund a personal research project. I would really love some time to go into the studio and develop analog media works based on the brush handling here. I wonder if that would even be possible. I’m imagining starting with things like combs and whisks as painting tools.  Supplemented with slapping the canvas with a wet rag.

Photo Sep 19, 8 46 19 PM


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