Expressive Watercolor at Syn Studio

13Aug10_SynStudio_Water Figure 01

Was out at Syn Studio last night doing watercolors at the drop at figure drawing class. I’ve been doing a lot of teaching urban sketching lately so I wanted to warm up a bit with the figure.

I’m continuing to work on my philosophy that: “Color doesn’t matter as long as value is right” and that drawing anything is just a matter of observing the shadow shapes. I’m also being a little more conscious of softening edges these days. (Often just by “pulling the edge” with clear water). It’s something I’ve added in to the brushwork repertoire after seeing Charles Reid do it.

13Aug10_SynStudio_Water Figure 02

I’m in the middle of preparation for my Expressive Watercolors class at Syn. (Starting Oct 2 for 10 weeks). I think there are only a few spots left, in case you have been wanting to try a watercolor course. I promise mine will emphasis the fun and expressiveness of watercolor. It won’t be your mother-in-law’s watercolor class :)

13Aug10_SynStudio_Water Figure 03

These were mostly the 5 and 10 min poses, but I admit I was choosing a few poses to ‘sit out’. Whenever I didn’t have a perfect angle I’d work on my washes.

Part of the secret to doing color paintings at life drawing, (besides working fast), is having a stack of boards with stretched paper, so I can switch back and forth and add figures whenever a pose matches an available space. That and leave pages to dry while working on others.

13Aug10_SynStudio_Water Figure 04

Was a pretty cool class last night. Besides all the artists there I didn’t know, I chatted with fellow Syn Instructors Oleg Dergachov and Salgood Sam (who recently made headlines with his successful Vlad the Impaler kickstarter. I also saw Guillaume Boucher, storyboard artist for film and animation (and great illustrator in his own right). Guillaume gave me a whole pile of work on the Star Wars Identities project a few years back, so I owe him big time :)

6 thoughts on “Expressive Watercolor at Syn Studio

  1. I think these are great Marc. By the way, you might like this book, Painting from Life by Douglas Lew, Watson-Guptill, 2004, $22 used ABE books, $33 new Amazon on the internet.

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