Syn Studio – Fingerpainting Double Pose

Was out tonight at Syn Studio. Anthony had set up a two-model long pose, so I thought, hey, you can’t pass up a double pose. We had a pretty good turn out. It seems like the life drawing sells out every time. Jeevan was there doing some really great charcoal drawing. A few good oil painters. Good group overall.


I’m a little under the weather from a long flight, so I just brought the iPad and chilled out for the 4 hour pose. Finger painting in ProCreate is very relaxing. You just gradually build up shapes. Stacking up layers and dropping them back. If you take your time, it’s possible to get a painterly finish. If you like a smoother painting – don’t judge the software from these. I’m just doing the things I like to do –  you can be very smooth and rendered with ProCreate if you choose to go that route. I like the ink brushes – they almost look like a palette knife painting.


Progress steps, and some details.



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