Personal Work

07_PersonalWork_Digital (2)

07_PersonalWork_Digital (3)

Here’s a few things I’ve been working on in “recent” spare moments. I was interested in calming down some of the brushwork I’ve been doing on the ipad. (Tho these are CS5). Keeping the sense of the brush strokes from finger painting – but trying to rein it in towards a more refined illustration. These were a lot of fun. Now someone just needs to write the books they can cover. ~m

6 thoughts on “Personal Work

      1. “they” sure can! 3M is a big supplier through various dealers! All of the super images you see on trucks, etc are all done this way. Super easy and “wrapping” makes a ton of sense. So yah, you are on, Man! You are way too cool and I luv your art. All of it! Do you have my email addy?

  1. Welp, if you’re serious about it :) coating your car in samurai ghosts – mail me at marc.taro(at)gmail and we can sort it out. I’d have to see what kind of file they need to make the wraps – you’d have to find a dealer to do in your area I guess. LMK!

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