Portrait Night: Another iPad/ProCreate


Continuing to use ProCreate (finger, no stylus. I’m not happy with any of the the styli I’ve tried – too inconvenient interrupting the pinch zoom moves). Still sticking with the “Inking” brushes. I think this one is getting somewhere. Has better volume than the last one. I’m feeling more comfortable with the process – messing less with custom brushes and more just drawing with it naturally.


I used fewer layers than usual, trying to to be as direct as possible considering I’m drawing on a magic glass computer. At the end, I did pull out a glazing technique, the last layer is 20% opacity, solid black loosely scumbled-in to make a glaze – then erasing out with a soft brush to recover the light-mass. What you would do with a rag on an oil painting. (I always get a laugh to be thinking oil painting tricks on the iPad).

I should also mention – ProCreate recently dropped a software update allowing retina-rez images and panoramas, and giving you all the blend modes you have in photoshop (Difference, Overlay, Color – etc). So – that’s a big plus. Good reason to pick up this ap if you’re still using Brushes or Art Rage.

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