iPad ink drawings

I’m continuing to bang away at painting on the iPad. I have the unrealistic wish that it painting on it should be a joy. I’m pretty sure it could be so when mobile software catches up with desktop. In theory everything a person needs is available in most apps – but there are a few things in Photoshop I rely on (hue/shift, levels, curves, possibly layer modes color and overlay) that I truly miss. In this world of everyone imitating their competitors on the appstore, I’m really not sure why nobody has simply given us Photoshop’s painting approach on the pad. Or for that matter why Adobe doesn’t put out a drawing app of their own.

In the mean time, I think I’m getting comfortable with ‘ink drawing’ in Procreate. I really like the ‘smoke’ brush, and I’ve tuned up a few rakes to give nice rakey marks. I used a stylus this time – something I’ve been resisting, as I think a 5 finger interface could be vastly superior. BUT. If they’re not going to give me decent gesture controls for brush size, opacity, tool switching, etc – then I guess I’m giving in and accepting that drawing with a pen is pretty nice actually.

[ 1 hour sketches, Procreate, New iPad]

6 thoughts on “iPad ink drawings

  1. I’m using Procreate too (with wacom stylus)… But I think that digital drawing apps are trying too hard to emulate analog media. Sometimes I wonder “what’s the point?”… The problem is, if it’s not that, what is it? And this leads me to a much more interesting topic. Is there a “pure” digital aesthetic? Sometimes I think we are looking in the wrong way… maybe we should be looking for a digital expression.

  2. I absolutely agree. It’s something I’m thinking about more and more. Everyone’s version of what that digital aesthetic is will be different of course – but the more people embrace what’s possible digitally – from the simple things like, hey you can paint in the dark, to the complex like software generated content. It’s going to be interesting in the next few years for sure :)

    1. When I think in the digital aesthetic, the first thing that comes to my mind is pixel art. So, why not draw with a simple line? Without anti-aliasing and assuming the pixel bumps. This is really a “digital” line. Not trying to emulate some analog material… you can see the first experiments here: http://avista.naocoisas.com/2012/11/25/ofir-4/

      (in this case I didn’t use ProCreate but an app from Disney :) Pixel’D… it’s not easy to find an app where you can draw a 1pixel line without anti-aliasing!)

      1. There was an artist I heard about, who was doing ‘drawings’ with small 1 inch tiles. So the grid of tiles simulated pixels. Taking the bitmap art to the real world. He was also doing it like graffiti – affixing the tiles to walls around the city, but it was much more permanent than spray paint that’s for sure!

  3. I think that drawing program for iOS are designed more for entertainment. Ie Apple is more interested in the number of copies sold than the quality of the product. And I think that Adobe no makes software for iPad because the layers and all what we’re used in photoshop the average man does not want. Besides software goes into the clouds.

  4. as for aesthetics: humanity has long had access to the paper and pencil but artists of this achievement was no more: (I tend to think that the way of life of the creator is somewhat different from the consumer way of life :)

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