Longpose at Atelier Bresoles

In the last few weeks Eric Mannella has been hosting long pose figure painting sessions at his Atelier de Bresoles. These were kind of ‘one-off’ events he’s fitting in outside the full time classes. A chance to paint with some experts for just one night. There’s always interesting artists at his sessions. In a typical group you’ll see a range of oil painting approaches, from alla prima block in, to wipe outs, to the full multi-stage academic process. Plus there’s usually a few people doing highly polished academic drawing. I was something of the odd man out with my watercolors :)

Figurative Nude Watercolor, 3 hour pose

I’m always inspired by the technique on display at Bresoles. I usually try to tighten up and draw right. But since this was a six hour pose, I took the opportunity to do one ‘serious one’ and one just for fun.

I worked the two paintings side by side, letting one dry while working on the other, going back and forth between 20 min sets. Here’s a poor quality iphone shot of the portrait in progress, comparing the first stains vs the final richer darks. I always like a dark haired model. There’s just that little bit more contrast. Plus her full bangs gave some great pools of shadow.

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