90 min pose, watercolor

watercolor painting from life, 1.5hr pose

Went out for the last long pose of the season at drop in drawing, UQAM. Their ‘long’ poses are 90 min. So, not really all that long in the scheme of things – but enough to take some time with the drawing and let the washes dry between passes. Once again, this is the three pass approach I’m working with these days.

8 thoughts on “90 min pose, watercolor

  1. Fantastic! What red are you using? is that Quina Red? it seems transparent, and mix well with ultra blue, making nice transparent cool shadow area. And yeah, lovely hand!

    1. Alizarin crimson! my favorite color. Magentish-Red. Great base for pale caucasian skin or persian rugs :) (This woven wrap she had tossed down was exactly the right color!)

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