Live Drawing Demo at Gallery Usine 106

I have a few drawings up this month at Gallery Usine106 on Roy and Rue de Bullion. They’re all from shibari drawing sessions I’ve been doing with my friend Mai. We decided to do a demo at the opening. She did three ties while I sketched.

I’m always concerned with live demos. It’s 50/50 if these kind of drawings turn out well. She’s constantly in motion, whipping the ropes around, and the patterns of knots and angles of the model’s limbs are always changing. But that’s what I enjoy about these – the unpredictability of what’s going to happen next. I have to freeze what I’ve seen in my mind, and finish it from whatever I can find in the motion.

It may be that I draw better under pressure. Or just that I enjoy the freedom of sketching without concern for ‘pretty’ results. You get what you get, and you have to live with it.

Here’s some shots from the event:

13 thoughts on “Live Drawing Demo at Gallery Usine 106

  1. Hey Scott –
    I work in watercolor mixed with gouache. These are probably yellow ocher, cadmium red, alizarin crimson and vandyke brown. By using both gouache and watercolor mixed together you can control the opacity between none, (washes), or 100% coverage….

    1. so you mix .. say yellow ocher watercolor and yellow ocher gouache together before you start painting.

      sorry if That seems like a dense question. I just love the way you pull off youre color.

      Thanks for your time.


      1. Hey Scott, sorry for the delay I’ve been out of town on a painting trip –

        so yes, I use both colored gouache and colored watercolor on my palette – I mix them together in different proportions depending if I want a stain or coverage. Straight watercolor will penetrate the paper, where as gouache sits on top – and if you mix them, it actually has properties of both.

        You can use that to make layers on top of washes, that can be wiped away or adjusted with water.

        I picked this up at workshop with Eric Tiemens – here’s some of my original notes:

        Just a note – it’s not premixing the paints – it’s putting both types of colors on the palette – and mixing them on the fly – usually not yellow with yellow, but say, hookers green watercolor with yellow ocher gouache, or white and cerulean gouache with alizarin crimson watercolor to make a cool grey pink…

  2. Marco, i have to say you’re blog is amazing!! If you fly by Portugal again, definitely we have to do a sketch jam!! Although i have a question for you, what kind of easel do you do for those outdoor paintings?

    Thanks, and excellent work man, keep it up! :D

    1. hey Miguel – thanks man! I hope I can get back there – we had a great time. So ya – as for easels – I have two setups – one is a portable kit called a Plein Air Pro – that I got online:

      The other is a Manfroto tripod with a laptop stand. I use that when I want to clamp on a really large drawing board.

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