Atelier de Bresoles: Graduated to the figure at last :)

Finally! – an update on the Atelier de Bresoles class.  I’ve been meaning to show more work, but there’s always so much to take in on a studio day, I stopped trying to do progress pics for a while.

So after 16 sessions, we’ve moved through drawing via measuring, glazing in black and white (cast painting) and again in color (master copy), and now *finally* working from the figure full time :) Huzza!  This is what I’ve been waiting for!

So this is my first oil study applying part of what we’ve covered. I did a linear block in with raw umber using a teeeeeny brush (checking measurements frequently), and went in with a pre-mixed range of warm and cool skin tone, organized the values into two zones – light shape vs the shadow mass. What I am *not* applying in this 6 hr study is any glazing. This is alla-prima (all in one shot). We have another two sessions with this model, so for the next attempt I’ll be working larger, and taking in more passes (block in>mosaic ‘ebuache’ >dry a week>glazing>edge adjustment). Basically going at it more formally.

Alla-prima is completely different than the glazing we did on casts, so I feel like I slid backwards a bit in terms of rendering.  Basically, when faced with the model, I kind of  just fell back into what I always do, just with more drawing theory supporting me.

The surface isn’t anywhere near as sensitive as I’d like.  So the next one! For Real! Going old school glazing :) But this was a good warm up, and I feel like it’s a better likeness than usual for me. (Due to beating the drawing with the measuring stick). Training is paying off.

4 thoughts on “Atelier de Bresoles: Graduated to the figure at last :)

  1. glad to see your work over the recent months. The attelier seems rather dry but I guess after you get the technique down you can apply the energy? :) Dying to get an iPad too. Hope you both are well. we miss you in the Bay Area carol

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