iPad fingerpainting…

So, I picked up an ipad the other day. First time standing in line for a product. I was kind of surprised I bothered – but one can only resist all the marketing for so long!  So, I’m still sort of messing around, seeing what can be done with it. I can see potential for sketching – but it’s going to be tricky to master.

At first glance my app of choice is Art Rage. I like the way brush size  and undo/redo are available with three finger moves. So the main activity of painting can be done without opening menus. I could wish for layers to be faster to use. And for the color picker to be available by gesture. But of course the main feature with Art Rage vs a drawing app like Brushes is the simulation of of oil paint.

I’m just scratching the surface with this – soooooo. I’ll get back to you when I know more :)

11 thoughts on “iPad fingerpainting…

  1. WOW, these turned out really cool!!! People often try to make the exact same thing they do on PS (ultra renderig, etc.) on the iPad, but the coolest thing is exactly to use this app as an exercize for expontaneity, a new way of experimenting with ideas. Just like you did here! Awesome stuff man.

  2. ah !!
    estas trabajando en el Ipad ( finger paint ?)….
    bueno que buen trabajo !!!!……

    es dificil ? jaja…
    me compraria uno , pero a que precio esta ?

  3. Hi, impressive work as always. Have you tried a Nomad Brush? According to the reviews I’ve read it’s pretty cool, but would love to know what you think about it before purchasing one.

    1. Hey Luis. I personally didn’t like it much.

      I bought one. $35 bucks or something! Not cheap! But it’s kind of not much use really. In the good drawing programs, there’s too many multi-touch uses, like brush size or undo (with three fingers in art rage) – or pinch-zooming. I found it limiting not having the five touch surfaces of your hand. The brush isn’t any more natural than your finger, and ti doesn’t give any more sensitivity.

      Looking forward to Adobe’s (as yet unreleased) ap Eazel (dumb name!) which really uses a five finger interface :) http://www.photoshop.com/products/mobile/eazel

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