Run Dog Run

Last weekend we went way out to the western edges of the island to watch some sled dogs haul kids around the park. I’m not traditionally a dog guy…but these critters were pretty charming. From their freaky bright blue eyes with rocker eyeliner to the way they spazzed out when they were on the leash waiting for the chance to pull.  Pretty cool dudes these sled dogs.

This is one of my current favorite tricks – the composite drawing.  Each of these dog pairs is on their own page – so I have a chance to try them out a few times. The set of three drawings gets collaged together in photoshop.

The good thing about this kiddie run – the track was so small, they’d be back around every three or four minutes.  In between I was drawing portraits of the lads waiting to pull.

3 thoughts on “Run Dog Run

  1. Very nice. I especially like the last one. Love the way you capture the details of the subject in such a free style.

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