time-lapse portrait sketches

So – I always feel guilty when there’s a model posing and I do a portrait. It seems wrong they’re putting in all the effort to hold the pose, and I’m just painting their features.

My excuse was that I was messing around with Gorillacam‘s software intervelometer feature to automate capturing time-lapse frames of the drawing.

Now, the iphone isn’t exactly the best camera for documenting art.  I’m working up to proper video some day – but I’m also wanting a portable rig I can take anywhere. So the phone is cool in that respect. It’s also problematic that you have to have the camera between you and the easel. (Or be sitting low enough to shoot over the shoulder). In this case I positioned it slightly to the left – but still in front of me. I’m using long handled brushes on these, so it was less of an issue to reach around the tripod.

I have to say, Gorillacam works great. Pretty awesome this free app does something our Cannon doesn’t do without an add-on hardaware intervelometer (and a portable hard drive).  So I guess I have to live with the low resolution if I want the convenience.

Anyway – after you have your sequential frames, you can automatically import them into Adobe Premiere as a numbered sequence and bake out the video. Youtube recommends this newfangly h.264 compression (as far as I can tell this is a flavor of mp4 tuned up for blue-ray).  And after some testing – I did in fact find that it gets you nice large 1080p quality vids.

9 thoughts on “time-lapse portrait sketches

  1. Very cool. I was surprised how many passes it took to get to the finished painting. I kind of expected it to be a lot more simple, considering how expressive your paintings look. I’d like to see more.

    1. Interesting! that’s a something I hadn’t thought of… I suppose it’s true – this kind of painting *is* supposed to look easy – spontaneous…

      That’s the great thing about the blog – hearing what people think. Thanks Peter!

  2. Hi Marc, I just came across your stunning time-lapse portraits today. Great work! Can you please tell me which technique/material you used in the woman portrait? It’s filed under watercolor, but did you add acrylics? Thanks. Monica

    1. Hello Monica – yes, you’re right about opacity – but not acrylic, I was using gouache (opaque watercolor) – it’s been a while since these were done, so I can’t recall precisely if I had colors of gouache in tubes, or if I was using watercolor mixed with white and black gouache. I’ve done it both ways, Mixing opaque gouache with transparent watercolor is something I picked up from Erik Tiemens at a workshop. (http://citizensketcher.wordpress.com/2008/10/06/erik-tiemens-watercolor-sketching-workshop/).

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