30th world wide sketchcrawl

Today was the 30th world wide sketchcrawl. My jaunt took me down Rue Parc, past the  Monument Georges Etienne Cartier (home base for the famous TamTam drum circle in more clement weather) and down to Rue Pins to the Royal Victoria hospital. The Royal Vic is this totally Hogwarts style building – always fun to walk by. The area from Rue Parc to Cote Des Neiges is stocked with impressive mansions. Made more so by their looming positions up on a steep cliff. (Which is festooned with huge icicles today). I was planning to end up at the Beaux Arts museum and do the ethnographic collection – unfortunately closed for renovation today. So instead I sketched some saints, some moody nuns from Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret’s “The Pardon” (1899), and a unreasonably lascivious death and the maiden statuette.  Hope y’all had a good sketchcrawl of your own!

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