[20 min, gouache on 100lb cover stock]

Couple of  experiments – probably don’t look that different (from my usual) to anyone else – but was trying, as ever, for a more painterly  drawing.

9 thoughts on “Lifedrawing

  1. I love the 1st one… the vignette :)

    Hey, I’ll be in SF mid January for a week, Do you have any good address to visit so I draw and paint some awesome models too? You seems to know awesome places over there :)


      1. I’ll just give you some things to research online – most of the things I did were not ‘everyday’ events so I don’t have specific dates or times –

        It will take some googling to dig up the details but here’s some leads :

        ` Bay Area Models Guild Marathon is I think, quarterly – big event, 10-20 models usually, goes all day.

        ` also roughly quarterly The Gallery Girls come from LA to SF to do a show – always late night, usually at the old russian embassy.

        `I used to go to SOMA arts (south of market arts org) they have a SAT am drawing thing but that’s nothing special – just a drop in drawing with a good group of artists.

        ` There’s Dr. Sketchy’s that used to be at 111 Mina. (gallery) – that’s always fun. Mina used to also have a thing called sketchtuesday – but it was hit and miss if it was good….

        `There’s sometimes a nude drawing event yearly at the Center for Sex and Culture that I drew for a couple times – was called Nude Aid (you donate sketches, but don’t pay to draw).

        `There’s a LGBT/Kink sex-positive gallery ‘Femina Potens’ that has performance art events where artists draw live. These are not to everyone’s taste, but you can do drawings you would not find anywhere else.

        `Carl Dobsky’s school used to have a great lifedrawing – they’ve changed locations and structure – it’s now I believe called ‘Safehouse’ – maybe try and see if they’re open again for drop in?

        `Bus Stop Gallery – operated by Bad Unkle Sista has late night drawing sessions at random times. Again, have to contact them and see. But they have tremendously good models and costumes.

        so – there’s some leads you might be able to find with some googling! good luck!

  2. Great figure work and the blog overall is a fantastic work of evil genius. Love the mix of gorgeous figure work, plein air paintings of SF and wicked fantasy imagery. You’re the best.

  3. Thanks for the infos, it’s appreciated
    The only one that has a session is DrSketchy, on 18th tuesday.
    The others look great, but unfortunately their timing doesnt match my trip.

    thanks again!

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