Atelier 1606

I’ve been hearing about the excellent drawing session at Atelier 1606 from some of the guys at Lumiere VFX.  After drawing storyboards all day a bunch of us went over there and drew for 3 more hours. See the kind of hijinks you get up to when you work in concept art?

[Various 10-30 min, Gouache pans on 100lb cover stock]

I have to say, the caliber of work was super high. A highlight of the night was meeting Jean-Baptiste Monge. I’m so clueless about French artists – I didn’t even realize he was this amazing artist, until I got home and looked up his site. I’m sure there were a few other accomplished artists there, but I wasn’t able to follow the lively French conversation. At least I wasn’t nervous meeting him in person :) Just clueless :)  Oh well! French language is my next priority. Right after mastering oil painting.

2 thoughts on “Atelier 1606

  1. Hey Marc!
    I’d like to learn french too – France (and the french-speaking countries around, such as Belgium) has a such a rich environment for art, and it seems to be like as “parallell universe” that has it’s doors limited by the language barrier (Google Translator doesn’t count!)… so, speaking french can possibly open some doors for the unknown… haha
    These are superb man, and it’s nice to hear about your fears and wonders about oil painting, as I’m getting into this wolrd myself – it’s SO frightening and awe-inspiring!
    All the best!

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