The Madwoman

[3 hours, watercolor on canson block]

This I think one is kind of a minor victory. I came away very happy with this session. Of course, this isn’t a great likeness – but I saw a momentary expression while they were fiddling with the lights, and I just decided to go with it. Create this madwoman out of  a perfectly normal model.

Somehow I feel in the combination of altering reality, and yet still drawing from what was there – I’m getting somewhere I like with this one.

3 thoughts on “The Madwoman

  1. great sketch and also great hands, egon schiele’s style!. it’s a very, very interesting idea, modifying reality in the right moment of copying it. you just have to be carefull of not showing the drawing to the model! ;-)

    1. ha! well that’s true – I didn’t make a big deal of showing her this one :) but hey – it’s all in the service of art:)

      It’s funny – but after this I did get down a book on Schiele and take a look – those are exactly his type of hands. He also drew patients in the sanitarium – documenting the contortions of spastics. So this must come from some inspiration there!


  2. It’s funny – after looking through your work I looked up Egon Schiele, but not because of the hands, it was something more about the mood of some of your work.

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