walking home…

Sat down on the sidewalk and sketched the Ecole des Beaux Arts building on Sherbrooke and St Urbain…

2 thoughts on “walking home…

  1. I’m not sure how to explain in a few words how I feel about this sketch, I know its a sketch and it’s not something to be amazed by, but I am absolutely amazed by it. I wish I could sketch like you, when I draw, it has to be correct right away, I cant get the sketching part for some ridiculous reason, I still try from time to time. But That is an awesome sketch. Absolutely beautiful!

    1. heh, well hey, I’m I often wish accuracy came little bit easier to me – so it’s a two sided coin :)

      But some serious tips on drawing loose – I use a pen so there’s no going back on a line, I draw on coated cover stock, so the paper is smooth and the pen glides. And the paper is cheap – so if the drawing doesn’t turn out, I just toss it. Sometimes I know in one or two lines I’ve blown it, so I just start another one. Also the trick is not to spend more than 10 or 15 min. on the drawing. Get in and out – just get the impression! Draw as much as you can and don’t even look at what you drew right away. The next day, pick out your best two or three and throw the rest away. Gradually you’ll have a stack of nice loose drawings :)

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