Welcoming the Tall Ships to Montreal

First post from our new home in Montreal Canada!  There’s been a lot of stuff going on keeping me away from drawing in the streets – but the occasion of the Tall Ships coming into the old port seemed like a great reason to break the dry spell.  We had five tall masted sailing vessels on display – with thousands of people out to see them up close. The star attraction being the Bounty – most famous for it’s role in the Gore Verbinski/Johnny Depp Pirates of The Caribbean…

5 thoughts on “Welcoming the Tall Ships to Montreal

  1. Great, dude! Definitely one of your best! The balance between just how much drawing you need to do, and just how much form you need to conform to strictly with the watercolour is getting really good.

    1. Thanks man – I’ve been working lately to thing about less is more and all that. to be a bit less like a plotter going over the entire surface with mechanical consistency :)

  2. Wow Mark, that is one cool sketch. Gotta get out and do more around here, good to see ur having fun up there! and hi to Laurel!

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