Head of an Arabic Woman

[2hr, watercolor on canson block]

Came in late, had to leave early, but managed or rush out this portrait of Friday night’s long pose model at UQAM.

We worked with this Arabic woman during the week workshop I did last month. She has a really interesting skin tone. I understand now what they mean by olive skinned. Since it really does include some sap green in the shadows.

There were quite a few ‘happy accidents’ in this one:) Such as her accidentaly touching her face with the crimson from the earrings. I had to just go with it and do it on the ear and jaw as well :) In the end, I like the way it all came together. It’s sketchy, but still captures some of her look.  I might describe her as ‘a stern face softened by maturity’. I can’t think of a better description at the moment.

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