Dawing my way around town…

Part of moving to a new town (Montreal) is checking out all the drawing opportunities I can find. There’s a small gallery/atelier just off St Catherine’s East, between St.Dominique and Bullion – Galerie Synesthiese. They do a wine and cheese social slash drop in drawing group on Saturday’s (4-7 pm). It’s a pretty standard setup with the normal  2, 5, 10, 20 short poses.  Models seem to alternate female to male 70/30 or something like that – (from what I gathered in conversation).  Mostly bilingual group, which is nice for me, the outsider.  One nice thing about their setup, there’s a small stage (where the model could sit), but when there’s a group, it’s handy for stadium seating. The second row of sketchers can be elevated – you can sit and still get a decent view.

Here’s some sketches from my first trip:

(Lately, with the popularity of burlesque, I’m running into the dreaded Feather Boa at a lot of drawing sessions. I have to say – it’s a pain to draw until you just start reducing it to a big shape).

(This is the pose I call the Sphinx. What I do whenever I get a recline like this. My OCD won’t allow me to draw a horizontal drawing in a set of verticals. A bit crazy I know, but it’s a matching set thing).

2 thoughts on “Dawing my way around town…

  1. Bonjour, and
    Welcome to Montreal!
    I have been following your blog since a while and admiring your talent.
    I appreciate also all the infos for drawing group and live sessions you gave.
    Never heard of them, so thank you.
    Here’s the place where I go some times, in case you dont know about it.
    The infos seems to be just in French,
    on tuesday afternoon and night, 10$ a session, walk-in,
    better to call before, to see if there is a session.

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