Last sketches in California ever. (for now).

10am at the Point Reyes Lighthouse, looking down 340 steps that I didn’t choose to descend:) This windswept foggy day was our last chance to sketch in California. This weekend we pack up the car and drive to our new home in Montreal!

Here’s the end of the Chimney Rock trail, looking north along the dramatic cliff wall. I love this place for the ever-present wind, and the feeling of being right out on the edge of the world.  This seemed like the best spot for the last-ever-for-now drawing in Cali, and the start of our 10 day cross country drive.

14 thoughts on “Last sketches in California ever. (for now).

  1. Beautiful watercolour landscape. I feel similar when painting the west of Ireland, then return home to the east coast etc. Love you figure sketches too. All the best !

  2. I have moved many times in my life and it’s always a strange feeling…so, good luck for the new home/country =)

    Luca (a Neverwinter Nights player that still loves that Arelith portrait and all the other ones you did! ^_^ )

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