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SleeplessSleepless by Charlie Huston

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I came to Huston from his Joe Pitt vampire noir series, which were amusing enough, not too serious, fun but not very deep. So I took a chance on Sleepless – and I have to say – I’m impressed.

The content seems vastly matured from his genre series. Sleepless is incredibly imaginative, evoking a parallel world USA in the middle of social collapse. It’s not post-apocalyptic – it’s apocalypse now. It’s so up-to-the second contemporary it’s as if, today, July 22d 2010 – the book was somehow written the day before I downloaded it to my iphone.

The pervading feel of helplessness, paranoia and social breakdown is both futuristic and incredibly current. It’s a huge rant dealing with the fears of pandemic, terrorism, and military crackdown. Characters react with OCD, PTSD, drugs, nihilism, and weirdly – addiction to video games. (Which, as a game developer myself I found to be right on target).

I found it a most convincing portrait of the western world ending with a whimper not a bang.

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3 thoughts on “Friend me on Goodreads?

  1. You should check out Huston’s “The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death” Its about a slacker who ends up on a crime scene cleanup crew.

    I think its by far Huston’s best book – a very creative and entertaining read.

  2. Great – I’m glad you’re digging it! I’ve never been a huge Huston fan, but I think this could be his serious breakout book.

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