learn something every day…

[series of 2’s and two views of a 10, ballpoint and watercolor]

So there’s a small story related to these drawings. I’m not sure it’s a good story, but it’s like this:

So I’m making some small talk in the break, trying to figure out if our model is a dancer (her poses show some ballet background). And she says, “no actually I’m an author, I’ve written a memoir, and I teach writing, and I’m a journalist, and a dance critic. (I told you it was in there somewhere). I just do this for fun, and because writing is sitting all day”. I’m like – wow, the fourth wall is broken. It’s not the normal process to meet the mind behind the anatomy.

I’m thinking, I’m kind of a shmuck you know? I’m constantly drawing these people as kind of body temperature roman sculpture.  Like big cats lying around in the sun being decorative.  But here’s someone who’s got a lot going on.  She’s doesn’t look old enough to have written a memoir (hah! I’m doing get-off-my-lawn-comments now). So I’m making inquiring noises trying to find out more, and she comes out with this shocking story of  how something horrible happened to her family at a very young age, and that went into her book about how she’s dealt with it in the opposite way from the movie of the week scenario you’d expect. So now I’m feeling that feeling I get whenever I meet someone who does something significant with their lives. The one where I consider how I make video games for stoned dudes to grind away some copious spare time.

So, breaks over and I go back and try to make some really good drawings.

That’s my life drawing story of the week. – m’out!

9 thoughts on “learn something every day…

  1. It’s awesome when personal encounters resonate through artwork. The bottom left torso is especially great.

  2. These are really lovely drawings. I think you can tell when an artist has more of a connection to their subject by the care that goes into certain details, subconsciously or deliberately.

    1. erm? you might have lost me there. You think she’d be dwelling on things after talking about the past? maybe. interesting. I was pretty impressed re: how she’s processed history and moved on. But you do have to wonder about how the mood or personality of a model shows in the art. I’d like to think it does, but I might be overly impressed with my powers of observation.

  3. Wow…Hello! I really like your drawing.(especially croquis.I love the accent of those)
    I agree that talking with my model is a great method to improve my drawing…
    I should talk with my model next time.
    Well, I’m expecting another awsome drawings of you!
    (Sorry if my English is not perfect.My mother tongue is Korean ^_^;)

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