Japanese garden, Golden Gate park

[watercolor on cold press block, 4 hours]

Last weekend at Golden Gate Park we visited the Japanese Tea Garden. It’s a small park-within-a-park just west of the De Young Museum and before you get to the botanical garden. There’s an admission fee – $5 for SF residents, a little bit more for visitors. Whenever we go I see great many people step just inside the gate mill around a bit, before deciding the fee is a bit much just to look at trees and ponds. Fine with me! It remains a tranquil oasis inside the park – relatively free of kids, dogs, and soccer balls. The foliage is beautiful all year round – but for me the attractions are these two intricate Pagoda style structures (subject of the painting), an arched ‘moon bridge’ and various excellent carved and lacquered gates made by imported veteran woodworkers. There’s also a large bronze Buddha. (Photo op!) and a cute tea house/restaurant. I recommend touring the whole place and getting your photos, then returning to the Tea house for some tea and mochi!

Funny exchange of the day – one lady from out of town – (I’ll refrain from mentioning her home state) wanted me to reassure her that it was impossible to make a living as an artist, and was quite put out that I wouldn’t tell her daughter to forget plans for art school. She was shocked that I’d been steadily employed since the day I graduated, and wouldn’t believe I make a decent living, until I gave up and assured her my day job is “all done by computers”. Of course I should have said that I’m being laid off in the next few months. I did say there are alwasy jobs, you just have to be willing to move for them. Partially realistic answer I guess.

3 thoughts on “Japanese garden, Golden Gate park

  1. love your work as usual, a nice sample with colors…
    also like that there is hope for artists out there for a job :P

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