The Unveiling of Liliane Hunt

Sketching the debauchery following the unveiling of Nancy Peach’s mural sized portrait of Liliane Hunt. Her mammoth fetish dom/puppy opus is now hanging in the Upper Floor of the Armory, waiting for a matching piece at the opposite end of the hall, or so I hear!

Followed by the after-spank at Pink.

8 thoughts on “The Unveiling of Liliane Hunt

  1. Hi Marc, as always your work stuptifies me. Your amazing line work and splashes of color, in just the right places are superb! Thank you so much for coming last night and hanging with me when I had had just a bit too much to drink.

    Much Love, and I will invite you to the next one.

  2. “who didn’t invite me? why didn’t i get invited?” lol just kidding… Awesome drawings as usual, this type of work from you is some of my favorites you do… Looked like quite the party, I must say…

  3. Hi Nancy, we have met before. I was at the ArtUndressed show in SF back in November… I don’t know if you remember me but I was drawing some of the models on my charcoal pad during the event…

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