5 thoughts on “work in process…

    1. hahaha! that is what you get here on my sketchbook!!!! unfinished projects :)

      It was kind of a mental warmup for a job I was considering. I didn’t get the job, so thus, I’m on to painting other things. It was quite a weird experience actually. The studio involved does big epic fantasy games – they’re looking for a fantasy guy, so IMO, that’s me right? so I go out, we talk, all sounds great. They pass on me, which is fine, whatever, happens all the time – but I find out they hired a (no doubt very talented) fresh graduate. I shouldn’t squawk ‘cuz I don’t really know the details. But it seemed a little nutty to me that a person with 15 yrs experience and a fresh grad are in the running for the same job. Somehow there should be some more focused sense of what they’re looking for in the position right? Anyway, good for whoever got the the job. But it’s kind of a sign to me about the relative value some studios place on concept design. Again, I’m sure that person is really skilled. But still – is the concept art (partially) driving the game design? Don’t you want an experienced person in that role, even if it cost a bit more?

      Perhaps that’s why I’m not a studio manager. It seems common that artists over-estimate their own value to the success of a project. If this tittle comes out and they’re mega-successful – then I guess it proves they made the right hire :) Time will tell!

      1. Ah, well you would think that experience would favour you when you make an application like that, when you hire someone fresh out of school theres always that wildcard factor! Some artists are awesome and talented, ofcourse, but not everyone knows how to produce, thats where the experience part comes in!

        And just like you said, the concept art is what drives the game design overall!

        Time will tell indeed taro, but it will certainly not be the blessing of your awesome skill and creativity! Everything you create has this organic feel, that I have never seen anywhere else.

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