Here’s a sketch about…well you can probably figure out what it’s about.

I wanted to take a moment and show some process I’m experimenting with. I’ve been finding that I want to draw larger these days. Lets me be expressive, but also get in there and create detail. I’ve been doing this thing where I’m drawing in graphite on tracing paper. I just let layers and layers of trace pile up. All taped together in a mat. Eventually I take it all apart and scan the pieces. Of course, it’s just an analog emulation of digital drawing – but it’s more organic. You can smudge with your fingers :) Sometimes I’ll print the collage and draw over it some more. For some projects I’ve cycled in and out of the computer three or four times.

3 thoughts on “cybersketching…

  1. I love the process you’re using. It must really give you permission to let loose. I think James Gurney talks about doing this in his ‘Imaginative Realism’ when he goes over the process guys like Rockwell used when figuring out their compositions.

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