Bad Unkl Sista is an experience. They’re a mashup of Butoh without the depression and couture without the haughty.  However you try to classify them – what they are is art, imagination and drama. Oh and humor, sex and silliness. And they put on a hell of a drawing event. Here’s some sketches from last night’s Metamorphica:

4 thoughts on “Metamorphica

  1. This is really great! I really enjoy your use of lines and colors. :) Are groups like these organized every week for you all to attend? Or how do you guys get hold of models willing to do this?

  2. Hey Dayanna! thx :) This one isn’t weekly – I wish!! I think they do it every three months or so? They’re a dance company – they host the show in their own performance space – make all the costumes and props themselves – it’s pretty incredible – one of the better drawing do’s around town…there were at least four models – so it’s really a good deal compared to a traditional drawing thingy…

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