Paint Handling

So I have this philosophy that I occasionally haul out and digress upon –  the idea that painting ought to be more like handwriting. That mark making should be unique to the artist.  I’m hugely impressed with porcelain finishes (Jacob Collins), or subtle value control (Jeremy Lipking). These guys have a kind of skill that, at the moment, I do not posses. And of course, I bitterly envy. But when I actually go to put marks down on a surface – I’m looking for something more gestural – more ‘instinctive’.  Here’s a couple examples of current favorites.

Alex Kanevsky:

Jason Sean Alexander:

3 thoughts on “Paint Handling

  1. Thank you for your links, i didnt know of Alex Kanevsky until now. If you like this type of painting, you might also like Jenny Saville. One of my favorites!

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