Sketching at The Dickens Fair…

Spent this afternoon drawing with some friends at the 31st Annual Dickens Fair. Every year around the holidays seemingly hundreds of people turn out in Victoran Era costume for a gigantic event. It’s half party, half trunk show, half interactive theatre – and it’s packed wall to wall with outrageously good costumes! These people really take their craft seriously!

Here’s some sketchbook pages – just a glimpse at the variety. There are pirates, rail barons, fortune tellers, carolers, street urchins, admirals, dancing girls, hussars, chimney sweeps, turkish merchants, deep sea explorers – it just goes on and on. My favorite has to be the Dark Garden corset makers shop – they have models holding 10 and 20 minute poses in their windows all day long – sketch artists couldn’t ask for a better show :)

5 thoughts on “Sketching at The Dickens Fair…

  1. These are awesome! while I was out the other day I saw some traditionally dressed carolers walking away. I wanted them to come back but they were gone and I sadly could not sketch them. Glad to see you got a chance to get some themed life drawing. Wonderful job!! :]

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