Our drive home from the city takes us past the Palace of Fine Arts – which we’ve drawn many times during the day. I’ve alwasy wanted to come back after dark and draw the spotlights on the sculpture.  I found a good view from the ‘far’ side (opposite the Exploratorium entrance) where the lighting makes a great light-on-dark-on-light counter changed silhouettes. If you’re out here Friday nights you might meet a crazy group of skaters that descend on the place with a mobile sound system.  (Link: The Midnight Rollers).

Here’s a snapshot of my new night drawing setup. An LED bike light taped to an ultralight tripod, and a fisherman’s ‘ball cap light’ clipped to my hat brim…makes drawing in places without streetlight a lot easier! Added bonus – it makes raccoon eyes glow green! A little creepy at first!

5 thoughts on “nightsketching…

  1. oh ! i was going to put this on gorilla reading the work shop part int he post above , till i went to the next post and said wait a minunt ! lol awesoem stuff as allwasy man !!!!!!!!!i allways look forward to your posts !

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