samurai sketching…

Went down to the SF Asian to see the Art of Samurai show.  I’m a big fan of the museum – but their exhibit space is so small! I always come away from the special exhibits wanting more…but that’s just greed I guess – the shows are always quality over quantity.

Here’s some sketches of the armor on exhibit. I love drawing this stuff – in fact, Japanese armor was among the first subjects I drew.  It has that combination of gothic subject matter and intricate detail that gets my OCDrawing going…

5 thoughts on “samurai sketching…

  1. I’m glad you checked out the exhibit because those sketches are amazing! Love how you manage to capture the right amount of details. Hope you check out the King Tut exhibit too!!!! Security told me I could not sketch, come to find out later – YES you can! Lesson learned.

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