Femme Fatal

Oh I’m liking this one!!! (Sorry, I shouldn’t praise myself so blatantly – but I like how it turned out :) This is Audra Wolfmann posing for my lifedrawing group in the role of “The Black Widow”. I had this whole story about her murdering her husband and keeping his skull on the mantel. I didn’t get around to painting in the wreath or the urn we had in this pose. For those that always ask – 3 hr watercolor (w/touches of white gouache) on a 12×16 Canson block.

6 thoughts on “Femme Fatal

  1. I wonder how long until the old ladies there get tired of the goth-y style costumes and just say “Hey can I just paint a nice straw hat and a sundress?” Blahhhh boring…. How many people showed up this time?

  2. hah! ya – her little hat actually had a kind of gauze veil on it – which I thought was cool, but others wanted to see her face…I was hoping for more storytelling :) Well, that’s the way it goes with a group! (oh, there were 8 ppl – so not as crowded as last time for sure)…

  3. life drawing group? was this last saturday? or is this a different group? beautiful watercolor. i love the pose, too! very cool

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