Tuesday Painters…

So – we had our first session at MarinMOCA up in northbay…pretty good turn out – about 12 artists – some good work all around. And some excellent work by our model, and our costume maker! If the others send their pics I’ll post them – meanwhile, here’s my nights work…

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Painters…

  1. Hi, tarosan,
    Don’t know which feeling is bigger than the other,
    admiration or jealousy haha, anyway i really like your watercolors and sketches,
    you greatly captured all those woman beauty and what about environnement!
    I’m struggling those times on watercolors and i must say that your art is really helpful for me.. sort of a direction.. an approach.
    Could i ask you which colors you’re using for watercolors?
    Keep on posting, and watchout, i’ll be in your artist blog list one day, haha
    thx for your time

  2. hah – thanks Simon!
    as far as the colors – for flesh I use yellow ocher, cad red, ultra blue sometimes, and the most important aliziran crimson….sometimes some burnt sienna…for outdoor work I add in sap green, cerulean blue, cad yellow….and as well some black and white gouache, used directly in with the watercolors….to add ‘body color’ for when I need coverage. (none used here, but there are occasions where I’ll paint opaque)…

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