Sabrina Redux…

We had Sabrina back for a second session…though I don’t think you could ever recognize her looking back to last post – I just wasn’t getting a likeness last week. BUT! Tonight I remembered to concentrate more on the drawing – I know I can lay down the watercolor fairly fast – so I might as well take the time to get the drawing right.

And I’ve finally learned – it *really does* make a difference to put out fresh color. Somehow I was paying attention tonight – and I can report that paints really do more release color when they’re moist – and you can get a ‘milky’ paint that lays down sharper edges. If you re-wet old paint on the palette, it’s probably going to be too thin – too pale on the board.

3 thoughts on “Sabrina Redux…

  1. These are really beautiful. I love your watercolors and what you do with figures, but for some reason these really really captured me. I love the portrait – your concentration on drawing was the right thing to do. They are very tight where they need to be, and then filled with so much free-flowing pigment and movement, it’s really nice. The angle you chose for the second pose is really interesting, as well. lovely composition and emotive face, again. And the shadow-work on the wall is to die for.

    Thanks for cross posting ! I’ll cross-comment. :)

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