Here’s another of my 8×8″ oil sketches. After doing digital painting all day, it’s a real joy to do some actual brushwork…

I’m developing this theory that brushwork is related to handwriting – that it’s the same process in the brain – learning to write, learning to paint. We’re trying to describe an objective reality, but everyone creates their own unique mark-making system to do it. Be interesting to see if the people that do handwriting analysis have ever looked at art. I suppose historians must consider mark-making when authenticating a work of art. Anyone know of a book/article/film on the subject?

10 thoughts on “brushwork

  1. I’ve thought the same thing about the handwriting. In fact, I have my drawing students sign their names and share their signatures with the other students so they realize that everyone’s drawings will be as different as their signatures. I like the portrait also.

  2. Gorgeous picture — the texture is awesome. The image reminds me of Lady Macbeth in a compelling way. Hopefully that’s not strange.

    A year ago, I wrote a rambling research paper covering creativity’s root in handwriting. If you are curious, it’s here: . (It desperately needs to be abridged/edited — I’m still learning to control my verbiage!)

    While it was a challenge to find journal articles covering the subject, there are sources available discussing the link between drawing and writing. One that sticks in my mind is David Rosand’s “Drawing Acts: Studies in Graphic Expression and Representation” (Cambridge UP, 2002). The link above will lead to my paper and works cited; you might find sources there, or, if you really have time to kill, in my disorganized research notebook: (Google Notebook).

    Pardon the long message; I love this subject. :o)

  3. Hey Marc. This looks awesome. I was wondering if you had any tips for motivating yourself. From what I’ve seen, you paint on your lunch break and when you get home in addition to doing digital at work. I do digital at work and am normally burned out by the time I get home. Don’t get me wrong, I love painting/drawing, but sometimes I just want to use another part of my brain! How do you balance work/play and still motivate yourself in your freetime? Any tips? Keep up the awesome work!

    1. I’m sure I answered this – 2009? I must have. But for forms sake (to have it here for posterity)

      Casual answer – Blogging – motivates me, by the constant demand to post! The blog is a great task master.

      Also – Burning Ships – an old strategy – burn your ships, you’ll work harder establishing your colony. Not sure it worked well for the Pitcairn Islanders tho. But yes – I work as an artist, I’ve never done anything else, and I probably can’t get any other kind of job. So, I’m keep working, because it’s my only means of support :)

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