BAMG drawing marathon

Just back from another Bay Area Models Guild Drawing Marathon. Always an unparalleled drawing experience. 25 models on multiple stages – its a kind of artistic overload. One of these days I’m going to sit in front of the 1 min stage, and try and get five of them in every drawing!

In the meantime – these are gouache sketches from the 5 min stage. Light was a little flat this day (cloudy) so they all turned out a kind of pinky tone…I’m really a slave to Alizarin Crimson (very wierd – spellcheck offers ‘tantalizer’ for ‘alizerin’…coincidence?!?! I think not!)

4 thoughts on “BAMG drawing marathon

  1. Looks like you got Aurora and Seneca… didn’t we have some great new models yesterday? I am super-pleased with how it went. The guy whose drawing of Talia I used for the postcard came, and it was his first time, and he looked like he’d been hit by a bus by the time it was over. A happy bus.

    Anyway, I like the pinkness! These are lovely. I worked for a group once that was doing a workshop with a painter with mad color skills, and you would think he was getting a kickback from the alizarin crimson people, because he could not stop talking about how superior it is. But from what I’ve seen, it’s very clear, and it mixes well with other things.

    Thanks again for coming, and for talking it up; word of mouth is our best advertising, and brings us the people who will really enjoy the event. I’m glad you could make it!

  2. Thanks for checking out our new blog. Hopefully you can join us for a future session. We’re already in talks of possibly squeezing a 3rd session end of May. I can’t remember if Cam and Julia were able to join you at the BAMG event? Your gouache sketches turned out great!

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