it's all coming back to me…

Some progress! spent another Saturday doing oil studies…it’s starting to feel a bit like it did two years ago, when I was painting every weekend. I’m trying to get over over painting too lean – it’s getting better each time. Plus a friend of mine recommended I switch to sables (vs bristle). I think they’re working a bit better for me. You can maybe see the difference in brushtrokes between the first (bristle) and second (sable)?

8 thoughts on “it's all coming back to me…

  1. Hello Marc!

    I found you at Gorilla Artfare. Just wanted to let you know that I love seeing the stuff you post here.

    These in particular are wonderful! I haven’t played with oils in a long time.

  2. Yeah, the second feels like you were more relaxed, the paint goes on really buttery and confident. Gorgeous stuff. Do you find it informing your digital work?

  3. I truly like the first painting better, but I think the smoother sable strokes are beautiful. The composition and colors in the first one make my eyes happier. Stroke-wise, the one thing that happens in the bristle painting that i kind of like is the slightly streaky look, but I don’t prefer the broken up lines that happen in the red hair in the upper right. Since that streaky brush blending can happen with sable too, I still vote for sable.

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