NudeAid 2008

Last night’s sketching at NudeAid…the annual fundraiser for the Center for Sex and Culture…the way it works, people in the audience can turn in tickets for your sketches – funds go to various causes (that I honestly don’t know much about)…so! while the models were a lot of fun, you do end up giving away your best drawings :) oh well, it’s for the common good :)

3 thoughts on “NudeAid 2008

  1. well, you don’t HAVE to give up a drawing, but there’s a strong implication that that’s “uncool” Everyone drawing (and posing) is there doing it to raise funds for the institute.

    Re: $$$ – all the lookie-loo’s have paid $20 bucks to get in – each admission ticket gets you one drawing so it’s like ” see a nudie show, take home a souvenir “…plus of course you can buy extra tickets – so in short $ 20 bucks a sketch!

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