death is the new black

Why Arthas why? Must I be cursed with eternal grinding? Nothing but soulless leveling for eternity?

…of course, I had to roll a Death Knight…currently parked and resting up…I’m going to go Unholy spec – I play mostly PvE (I’m an RPG geek, not much of a raider) – seems to be the build that gives you the best 1vsMany ability…got a long grind to 70!

Now the trick will be getting up there while only wearing black. There are some ridiculous looking DK’s out there – gothic black plate combined with a red bustier?

4 thoughts on “death is the new black

  1. Awesome painting!

    They should have an achievement for looking fashionable while levelling. Granted, you can easily get to 65+ without finding too many replacements for the original starting gear (with the exception of your weapon and no-show accessories).

  2. I like the loose gouache look that you’re getting out of ArtRage.
    Congrats on the ImanineFX spread as well, just saw that yesterday! Makes me want to draw more…

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