digital oils in ArtRage…

Quick sketch trying out ArtRage2 from Ambient Design. I like their very streamlined approach to digital painting software.  It’s everything I really want from Painter, without the mind blocking complexity, and available for a sweet $25 price tag.

Here’s a huge version; if you want to see the brushstrokes up close…

(original photo) – hands of kali!

2 thoughts on “digital oils in ArtRage…

  1. Hmmm, I’m really curious about this program now, especially since you described it as a “streamlined” version of Painter. Thanks for the tip…
    Oh BTW, completely missed out on Sketchcrawl!! What a putz. I realized this when the barista from my local coffee house mentioned a huge throng of artists converging at her establishment a few Saturdays back sharing sketches and what not… :P

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