Cathy’s Key

Earlier this year I had a chance to do a project with my friend Sean Stewart. Sean’s an award winning author and multimedia developer – one of the principles at Fourth Wall Studios, and sort of ‘founding father’ of a peculiar type of media; the Alternate Reality Game.

Sean’s genre bending novels Cathy’s Key, and prequel Cathy’s Book, are novel’s in their own right, but also interactive events – puzzles, calls to action, entry path’s to their own alternate reality…

It was incredibly cool to participate, even in a small way! These were meant to be pages from the sketchbook of a Spanish artist traveling with an expedition to the New World…I won’t say much more here – you should really pick up the books and join the game!

3 thoughts on “Cathy’s Key

    1. Hah! that’s awesome to still be finding people loving these books. These days it seems like things from 5 years ago are buried, never to be seen again :) Thanks for the note!

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