like drawing on oiled baby skin…

Hey! yes, more tribal dancers! People might recognize yesterday’s Hand of Kali back as a Medusa. What can I say; I have some obsessions…it’s my sketchbook, they’re going to show up now and then!

I like drawing on trace, so I thought, hey I’ll probably like drawing on vellum even more…I have to say: it is a sensual experience! So smooth and buttery – the graphite just glides on – you can smudge a bit with a finger, and lift back to bare surface with the kneaded eraser…a totally awesome drawing surface! Wasted on draftsmen and cartographers! Plus you can use the translucence and draw on both sides when working out compositions…

8 thoughts on “like drawing on oiled baby skin…

  1. Actually, they’re from google image searches on Tribal Bellydance :) The top performer is from a group named Hands of Kali, and the second is Rachel Brice, of The Indigo…both with some artistic licence of course :)

  2. These have a wonderful ghostly quality – and the experience of drawing on vellum sounds amazing. What’s the real difference between vellum and trace? I’ve had a pad of vellum once but it was cheap so I think it was really trace, because it was smooth but still had a paper-like tooth. I’d love to know more about what brand/product you’ve found to be so pleasant to use.

  3. I’m not sure what brand I used off hand, might have been Canson? or Beinfang? anyway, vellum is smoother than trace – almost an oily feeling – the graphite really sits on the surface and moves around. The slightest touch will smudge! Which I think is a good thing – you can use that for your own purposes…giving lines a glow, creating soft shadows. Also, because there’s no tooth, you can lift out with a kneaded eraser – pulling clean sharp highlights out of tones…very flexible that way. Trace is great, and I like it a lot – its certainly cheaper! but it grabs the pencil tip slightly -its not quite as smooth a flowing line…not that this really hurts your drawings, it’s just this subtle feeling of the gliding pen tip…

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