soma plein air ….

hit the streets and made a couple of oil sketches;
the bridge foundation just outside my front door, and walking down a near by alley…

4 thoughts on “soma plein air ….

  1. THese are wildly amazing. I could never paint like this, nor did I think anyone I knew could paint like this. These not only show an understanding of light, color and shadow, but an intelligent and informed approach to painting. I think I still prefer looking at pictures of barbarians and demonic dandies, but this kind of work is like reading an important book.

    OK, now back to busty lizard chicks please! :P

  2. How big are your canvases? I was thinking about doing the same thing around here, but I need to keep at affordable and somewhat easy to carry. Looks great by the way! Have you considered using acrylics for painting sketches?

  3. Thanks guys! Glad ppl are liking them…its kind of hard to tell sometimes…if it’s any good, or if I’m just self-satisfied that I actually got off my ass and did something!

    Oh yes, and they’re 9×12 oil on hardboard, done in about an hour each…

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