norsemen, norsemen, everywhere….

Norsemen! – and a Valkyrie…did you know that the idea of the Valkyrie on the winged horse was a modern misunderstanding? According to the wikipedia, their mount was more likely meant to be a wolf, prowling the battlefield, taking the souls of the dead….those Norse knew how to party at the end of the world!

10 thoughts on “norsemen, norsemen, everywhere….

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I just wanted to stop by and say that your work is amazing. I was supposed to go to sketchcrawl as well, but couldn’t make it. maybe next time. anyways, great job!

  2. Yes! Your Norsemen are very Norsey! You are quickly becoming the king of bone details….. I am wicked jealous. Really nice colors and also great job on the water! I think the daily concept work has cranked your skills up to 11.

  3. I have recently read “Beowulf” in my english class and become slightly obsessed with Vikings and Norsemen. It was a pleasant surprise to find this blog. I love your art work, you shade everything so well, I envy you. Not to mention the waves of the ocean, absolutely amazing!

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