Orbiting Jessica

Here’s some sketches from the Sunday group at Shoebox Studio….I was going to paint (in photoshop), but ironically had a laptop failure – ah, the vagaries of digital art…well, of wacom drivers anyway….but I’m painting again tonight at Felicia Forte’s long pose group…SO! color later – pencil for now!

One thought on “Orbiting Jessica

  1. The second one is especially nice. Lately when I have gone to Dr. Sketchy, I have noticed that my life-drawing skills have atrophied a bit, so you have inspired me to sign up for some real life-drawing courses here in B’more. Of course, Dr. Sketchy isn’t exactly the best atmosphere for great drawing, at least not the one in DC: it’s a very cramped bar with very little seating….

    Great stuff, as always!

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